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Astra Advantage

What's the Cobalt Astra advantage? Simple. It's…

Puzzle Pieces

Our Experience

With over a hundred years of business and HR experience, our leadership team brings advanced knowledge, training, and capability to your organization.

Our Technology

At Cobalt Astra, we leverage technology to provide access, tools, and resources to you and your employees, making life and business a lot easier.

Our Approach

Respect, accessibility, integrity, responsiveness, and reliability are not just words, they are the Cobalt Astra way.

Our Understanding

Our team shares its HR education and training with you - from payroll and reporting requirements to workplace safety and health care reform.

Our Commitment

At Cobalt Astra, we have a "can do" attitude. We are committed to serving the needs and exceeding the expectations of each and every client.


We partner with you to fully understand your business and your needs. We tailor our services to meet your needs, your schedule, your company, and your situation. It's the only way we do things. It's the Astra Advantage.

Why Cobalt Astra?

Why Cobalt Astra?